Custom Firefighter Canvas Collectible

People collect many firefighter memorabilia like patches, challenge coins and badges. One of the top items collectors like to buy are leather helmets.

The first helmet was invented by Jacobus Turck around 1740. Helmets were made of leather for the most part up, until very recently. However, some are still made with leather even in the present day and are produced by several companies such as Phenix, Cairns and Lion. Henry Gratacap was one of the most prominent helmet makers in the 1800s and started producing helmets in 1836. 

Most standard helmets are created with eight segments, also called “combs” which provide them with strength and durability. The more combs a fire helmet had, the stronger and more expensive it was—and the rarer and more valuable it is today. Some helmets had as many as 164 combs. Helmets also had a shield holder, which was originally made out of leather (later, brass).

Because of their rich history, and critically important role they play in keeping firefighters safe, FD Prints has designed a variety of fire station canvas prints which portray some of the many helmets that exist today. Some of the designs we offer that can be ordered both as a print or a custom firefighter canvas, Leather & Cigars, Life Is Tough, Leather is Tougher, Freedom of Choice, Which Will You Wear, Welcome to Jobtown and there are more to come!

If you have a request for us to design a custom fire station canvas print with a specific helmet style, we can do it! Or if you know of someone who would appreciate it because they love collecting memorabilia related to firefighter helmets, we’d be happy to create a new design, just ask us! We can also take one of our current designs and modify it to fit your request, instead of starting a new one from scratch. We offer several different package options with various levels of pricing in our custom design link: where we offer a First Due Package, Second Due Package, and Full Assignment. If you have additional questions, you can always reach us by email:


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