Recruiting With Fire Station Canvas Prints

Recruiting volunteers for your local fire department can sometimes be a challenge. But it can also be rewarding. One of the best ways to find new volunteers is to create fire station canvas prints with a unique design of your firehouse. This will assist in making your firehouse stand out and look more interesting to potential volunteers.

We can create a custom firefighter canvas that is designed to showcase your fire station in an exciting and different way that will make people take notice. Many volunteer firehouses are experiencing issues with finding new people and as a result are experiencing shortages. Having a fully staffed firehouse, whether it’s paid or volunteer is critical to the safety of any community. Fire companies needs to do things differently in order to catch people’s attention by being bolder with their marketing. A great way to do that is hire us to create a totally custom fire station canvas print. Once you have the canvas or print, you can ask to hang them in local businesses.

The traditional way to recruit and tell the story of your volunteer firehouse using flyers, brochures, yard signs, banners, social media, bulletin boards, website are all useful tools in finding new recruits. However, the advantage to having us create a custom firefighter canvas is that it makes your organization stand out that much more, and as a result, achieving a higher level of interest in your message. 

The easiest way to get started is simply reach out to us via email or message us, and we would be happy to discuss ideas and options for your one-of-a-kind fire station canvas print. In addition, we can print up posters to hand out to the various businesses around town. We offer a bulk discount if ordering 25 or more 16×20 prints and are always happy to discuss any additional options!