Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Have you ever wondered why so many New York firefighters happen to be Irish? 

In the 1840s, close to 2 million immigrants from Ireland and made their way to America. For many, the only work they could find was dangerous, low paying “service work” with fire and police departments. The Irish gladly took these positions, as it provided a means of income and acceptance into American society.

Today in Queens, New York, a second alarm was transmitted by Battalion 52. After Division 14 was on scene, they would later transmit further alarms. The fire went to a 5 alarm assignment which brought over 200 FDNY members to the scene. Included in the companies who were on scene is Engine 324, where our very own Lt. Michael Frey just retired from late last year. 

We are proud to have a couple of designs that highlight the work of Division 14 and Engine 324. These vintage firefighter posters make great gifts for firefighters and the families who support them. We also take custom requests for firefighter poster ideas for your firehouse. They make great fundraisers, gifts and also help support fire-related charities. Contact us to find out how to get your customer firefighter poster art!